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Smith & Wesson for Sale at County Armory in Greenville, Texas

Smith & Wesson for Sale at County Armory in Greenville Texas

Buy Smith & Wesson, Smith & Wesson for Sale in Greenville, Texas. Shop Smith & Wesson at County Armory, Inc. Serving Dallas and Northeast Texas.

Buy Smith & Wesson at County Armory in Greenville Texas

Smith & Wesson began in 1852 when Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson entered a gunmaking partnership in Norwich Connecticut. In 1857 they produced the first metallic cartridge breech-loading revolver. Their first double-action revolver was produced in 1880. In 1964 the company passed from Wesson family control, and subsequently several conglomerates took control of it. From 1987 to 2001 Tomkins PLC, a British company, owned Smith & Wesson. In March 2000 Smith & Wesson signed an agreement with the Clinton Administration in order to avoid lawsuits. This agreement was not at all liked by the gun owning public and boycotts and floods of used S&W firearms in the market nearly ruined the company. On May 11, 2001, Saf-T-Hammer Corporation acquired Smith & Wesson Corp. from Tomkins PLC for a fraction of what Tomkins originally paid. The new company, Smith and Wesson Holding Corporation, publicly renounced the Clinton agreement which was received positively by the firearms community. County Armory is proud to offer a full line of Smith & Wesson firearms for sale online or through our store in Greenville, Texas.

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