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Sig Sauers for Sale at County Armory in Greenville, Texas

Sig Sauers for Sale at County Armory in Greenville Texas

Buy Sig Sauers, Sig Sauers for Sale in Greenville, Texas. Shop Sig Sauers at County Armory, Inc. Serving Dallas and Northeast Texas.

Buy Sig Sauer at County Armory in Greenville Texas

SIG was established in 1853 to make railway rolling stock but has since attained an remarkable record for excellence in the design and manufacture of firearms. The company has specialized in military weapons, primarily for the Swiss army, and since 1945 has been making pistols that rank among the world's finest. In the 1970s a partnership was formed with J.P Sauer & Sohn, allowing SIG designs to be made in Germany. Thus, the SIG Sauer line of handguns began, starting with the SIG Sauer P220 handgun in 1975. In 1985, SIGARMS was created as the American branch of SIG in Tysons Corner, Virginia to import the P220 and P230. In 1987 SIGARMS moved to Herndon, Virginia, and in 1990 moved to Exeter, New Hampshire to accommodate new manufacturing. On October 1, 2007 SIGARMS officially changed their name to SIG Sauer. County Armory is proud to offer a full line of Sig Sauers for sale online or through our store in Greenville, Texas.

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