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Henry Rifles for Sale at County Armory in Greenville, Texas

Henry Rifles for Sale at County Armory in Greenville Texas

Buy Henry Rifles, Henry Rifles for Sale in Greenville, Texas. Shop Henry Rifles at County Armory, Inc. Serving Dallas and Northeast Texas.

Buy Henry Rifles at County Armory in Greenville Texas

Henry Repeating Arms is the leading lever action manufacturer and one of the top-five long gun manufacturers in the USA. The company employs over 600 people and operates three manufacturing facilities totaling more than 350,000 square feet. The company headquarters is in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, and the other factories are in Bayonne, New Jersey, and Ladysmith, Wisconsin. Henry Repeating Arms manufactures around 200 different models of rifles, shotguns, lever action pistols, and more. The company produces a broad range of lever action rifles in both rimfire and centerfire calibers in a variety of finishes, including alloy, steel, hardened brass, color case hardened, and All-Weather. The company has sold over one million of its model H001 Classic Lever Action .22 rifle, which has become a staple of the firearms industry. County Armory is proud to offer a full line of Henry Rifles for sale online or through our store in Greenville, Texas.

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